Their Story

Smiley Yellow

Born in 1972, is established in Europe. The iconic Yellow Smiley character is registered in 100 countries, with over 260 licensees worldwide. It is a massive money-making machine for Foreign Countries, where products are made throughout the world and sold everywhere, including the United States, thus siphoning our precious dollars.

  • European company
  • Large licensing fees globally
  • Products manufactured in foreign countries
  • Sold in the USA as well, siphoning precious American dollars

Our Story

Smiley American

Our work started 4 years ago when we realized the MAGNITUDE of the Yellow Smiley image benefiting ALL other countries financially, but the USA. We set to create a trademark image to be proprietary to Americans, for the benefit of ALL Americans. The goal was to create an image that will be exclusive to American manufacturers, featuring Smiley American products that are manufactured right here in our own America. Also versatile in color, for the use of ALL-American entities.

  • American company
  • Absolutely free licensing to all American companies
  • Products manufactured only in the United States
  • Sold in the USA and globally, creating jobs in America

Whatever they can do elsewhere...


We can do better
in America


Introducing registered

Smiley American

  Created with American Stars for the benefit of ALL Americans.

Smiley-American-DesignsArtboard 1